Franchise Law in Pretoria


We offer a turn-key solution to persons wanting to purchase a franchise business, our services include but are not limited to assisting clients with considering the various franchise opportunities, feasibility assessments, vetting franchise agreements and advising Clients on the risk associated with purchasing a particular franchise business, explaining the obligations imposed on a Client by any specific franchise agreement, assisting Clients with during the entire franchise process and with the negotiations when it comes to the signing of the franchise agreement and the lease agreement.

We also assist established or start-up Franchisors to draft and/or update their Disclosure Agreement and Franchise Agreement, do a full audit on the franchisors processes and agreements to ensure legal compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Family Law and Divorces in Pretoria


We can assist you with instituting and defending divorce actions (unopposed & opposed), with divorce mediation, drafting and negotiating divorce settlements and parenting plans, assist with initiating or opposing maintenance and interim maintenance applications.

Commercial Law in Pretoria


We are an all-inclusive, one stop firm attending to Clients’ corporate and commercial needs, which services include but are not limited to incorporating new companies, making amendments to company documents, drafting shareholder agreements, memorandum of association and partnership agreements.

We can furthermore draft, vet, amend and negotiate a wide selection of commercial agreements for or on behalf of Clients, ranging from lease agreements and non-disclosure agreements to service level agreements and advertising agreements.

Not only do we draft agreements, we also assist and provide guidance to individuals or companies that is desirous to purchase a business, purchase shares in a company or purchase assets. We are well equipped to assist Clients to structure their Merger and Acquisition, from initiation to closing of the deal, to ensure a successful transaction and limit possible adverse consequences.


We are experienced in both Magistrates and High Court litigation, this include but are not limited to institute and defend legal actions, initiating or opposing applications, drafting notices and pleadings, attending to pre-trial proceedings and hearings.

Dispute Resolution in Pretoria


Dispute resolution encompasses of various methods to resolve conflicts, we aim to resolve conflicts through constructive and methodical communication chaired by a neutral person, more commonly known as mediation. We listening to each party, making suggestions and employing mediating strategies to facilitate a practical and acceptable resolution to the issue between the parties. The benefit of mediation is that it is, more often than not, less expensive and time-consuming than litigation.

In essence, an impartial and experienced person assist conflicted parties to take the emotion out of the matter, think and reflect on the matter in a logical manner to resolve the matter in a swift and cost effective way.

Labour Law in Pretoria


We offer a wide range of labour services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Chair disciplinary & appeal hearings;
  • Advise on and drafting of employment contracts, policies and procedures, codes of good practice, code of conduct and disciplinary codes;
  • Advise on and attending to retrenchments, poor work performance, grievances and incapacity matters;
  • Advise on and attend conciliations, conciliation-arbitrations and arbitrations; and
  • Representation in labour disputes before the CCMA, Bargaining Councils or Labour Court.

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