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Founded by Dewald Terblanche

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Dewald Terblanche, founder of Terblanche Attorneys, graduated from the North-West University with a Bachelors of Laws in 2008. After completing his articles under Nico Jordaan and Pieter De Wet, Directors at the age-old law firm De Wet, Van der Watt & Jordaan Attorneys, Dewald remained at the law firm as a Professional Assistant before joining a well-known company within the franchising industry to head up its legal department focussing mainly on franchising, commercial, consumer, corporate, litigation, dispute resolution and labour related matters.

Dewald has an absolute yearning for fairness, equality and righteousness to triumph, to see people being treated fairly, equally and with dignity, which passion has led to the incorporation of Terblanche Attorneys, focussing on empowering our Clients through affordable and professional legal assistance.

Mission and Vision

Empowering People through affordable Service

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Terblanche Attorneys was established with the intention to give our Clients access to legal aid by providing them with affordable, personal, professional and innovative legal assistance.

We do not want to be just another law firm, we strive to be a cut above the rest, to bring about empowerment for our Clients and to afford our Clients the opportunity to protect themselves and their rights in circumstances where they would ordinarily have been vulnerable.

Through our continuous search for excellence, legal innovation, our positivity and flexibility we seek to bring about change in the way people perceive the legal profession, to bring about an era in which legal disputes are resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods rather than through costly and lengthy litigation. Nonetheless, if litigation is the only way to protect and enforce your rights, litigate we shall without fear and trepidation.


Honesty, Integrity, Accountability & Confidentiality

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Our promise, you will always be given appropriate and straightforward advice to enable you to make an informed and educated decision.


Your business is our business and no one else’. Attorney-client privilege, tact and sensitivity in all matters are of the utmost importance to us and we will at all times endeavour to use our best efforts to safeguard you, your business and the information that you entrust us with.


We are accountable to you to reduce extraneous costs and add value to you, your matter or your business through appropriate and accurate advice and guidance.


You are our number one priority and we will always treat you in a fair and transparent manner, always acting in your best interest while upholding the law.We are unmoved in our belief that communication is key to building long-lasting personal relationships with you, so you will most certainly hear from us on a continuous basis, apprising you every step of the way.


Means settlement in Latin, we consider settling a matter through alternative dispute resolution to be more often than not better and more cost effective than litigating.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


Our services include drafting, vetting, amending and negotiating franchise agreements for franchisee’s and franchisors.


We offer an all-inclusive service to assist and advise Clients on their corporate and commercial needs.


We endeavour to assist disagreeing parties to resolve their disputes in a cost-effective and swift manner.


We assist parties seeking a divorce to negotiate the divorce terms and conditions and make it an order of court.


Our services include chairing disciplinary hearings and representing clients at the CCMA or Labour Court.


We are experienced in general Magistrates and High Court litigation.

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“Discourage Litigation. Persuade your neighbours to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity to be a good man.”

Abraham Lincoln




Our fees are generally charged at an hourly rate based on the nature and complexity of the matter, also taking into consideration the risk associated with the matter.

In cases where the scope of work can be defined upfront, we offer alternative billing arrangements such as agreeing on a fixed fee for work to be done, this will give you certainty and peace of mind that there will not be any unexpected legal fees.  Matters that more often than not fall within this category are drafting and vetting of agreements and attending to unopposed matters (e.g. unopposed divorce).

We have an innovative approach to structuring our fees and accordingly invite you to contact us to discuss your matter with us to see how we can structure your fee arrangement.

To guarantee satisfaction and that both parties are on the same page regarding the fee structure, we will require you to sign our standard engagement letter, which will define the scope of work to be attended to, the method of calculating our fee and the payment terms.




Since the inception of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, no. 38 of 2001, attorneys are deemed to be an ‘accountable institution’ and therefore, should you decide to entrust us with your legal work, we will require you to supply us with certain information prior to us commencing with any work, the necessary forms will be given to you as and when required.

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